Residents of our first home are photographed with National Director
~ Opened in 2006 a facility for 20 children ~ 

Orphaned children in India lead a very difficult, sorrowful and oppressed life. Because of cultural belief that orphans are cursed, they are treated unfairly and are often mistreated. Most of these children end up begging on the streets or working long hours in the fields without a chance to receive any love and affection. A majority of these children become antisocial.

Many children are addicted to drugs and they lose their precious lives. For those children who are able to find homes with extended family members, they are usually treated as servants and are subjected to difficult work. These children need a loving home in which they can feel secure and safe.

Foster Care Children and Family Fund desires to touch the hearts of the orphaned children who are suffering so much by providing them with the basic care that should be afforded all children in their own home.

All donations made to this project are tax deductible under the IRS 501©(3) code.


You Can Support Our Project By Providing:

  • $30.00 Per Month:
    Supports a child with medical and dental care, 
    clothing, basic school education,
    including books and school supplies.

  • $30.00 Per Month:
    Provides food and shelter for one child.

We must keep the location of our children’s homes private to protect their safety as well as of our staff.

Our staff include loving foster parents who provide:

  • Food

  • Clothing

  • Shelter

  • Education

  • Medical/Dental Care

  • Friendship

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