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Use this link to set-up matching contributions from your participating employer:

Donate to: Foster Care Children & Family Fund



 Here's a sample form, with brief instructions


1. Click the link above (in blue) to the online form & set up your secure donation. Choose the amount & whether you'd like to make a one-time or recurring donation. Please note, there is a $10 minimum

2. Be sure to check the box "Would you like your employer to match?"

3. Use the drop down to select your participating employer

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~FCCFF staff


Sample form ICA Matching gifts program


Foster Care Children & Family Fund based in Madison, Wi.

is a member of: Independent Charities of America (ICA)

Independent Charities of America (ICA) is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit association of America's best charities. Our purpose is to represent charities that meet the highest standards of public accountability and program effectiveness and to facilitate gifts to those charities from contributors in fund drives conducted at work and on the web.


ICA is substantially different from the United Way other "federated groups" in both its philosophy and operation. For example, it is inclusive in its membership policies and welcomes charities of all types, providing they meet ICA's eligibility standards. It has the lowest operating overhead and member fees or assessments of any federated group, by far. It has a history of creating innovative giving mechanisms, such as its GiveDirect online workplace giving system, which it offers free to companies. 
For more, see The ICA Story.


Use this link to set-up matching contributions from your participating employer:

Donate to Foster Care Children & Family Fund