International Foster Care Organization:

The International Foster Care Organization (IFCO) was founded in 1979, the "International Year of the Child" in Oxford,, England. The first conference was held in 1981.

IFCO's membership is comprised of individuals and organizations from all over the world, specifically those who are involved in Foster Care. IFCO's main purpose is to support and stimulate the international exchange of foster care experience, research and ideas. IFCO is a voluntary organization committed to the improvement of the quality of service given to children and young people in care and the development of standards for organizations and individual careers. IFCO strives to achieve its objectives through bringing together Foster Carers and other professionals, through international and regional conferences, a newsletter and through supporting the Youth International in Care Network (YICare). All of which aim to empower all parties actively involved within the care system by providing opportunities for exploration of existing services and the development of new ones.

  • IFCO's Vision: to become the authority on world wide developments in family foster care.


  • IFCO's Mission Statement: to promote and strengthen the services of family foster care for children, youth and adults by enabling the exchange of information among persons and organizations of different nations.

This is achieved by:

  • International conferences and seminars.
  • Consultation - Networking - Publication - Information


IFCO's Core Value Statement:

IFCO believes that foster care must be an inclusive teamwork effort between foster carers, social workers, the placing agency, the birth parent, the child/young person and others who contribute to the child's welfare.

  • Respect for diversity is essential.

  • Experience must be valued and individual and organizational strengths should be capitalized upon.

  • The organization should be open to new ideas.

  • The board has a collective responsibility for stewardship.

  • Care should be child-centered and family focused.


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